Allegro Mu 4500

Allegro Mu 4500

The vacuum system was delivered relatively quickly and packaged well. It accompanied by all the accessories shown in the image. The vacuum system was easy to install, and it runs exceptionally well. It is quite loud, but since it mounted in the garage, it does not affect anything. If anyone has to exhaust it to the outside of the house, I am sure it would reduce the noise level effectively.

The house was cabled and piped for a central vacuum system, but none installed. I buy this system based on the reviews, and I am delighted with it. I like the fact that the exhaust system is outside the house unlike freestanding vacuums and this vacuum system produces much greater suction than any other mobile vacuum I have ever own.

Added with a lot of accessories, and the carpet head operates excellent. Anyone can move the head up to the wall, and it will be uncontaminated right to the wall, unlike other vacuums I have had in the past that would only get to in less than a half inch or so of the wall. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a central vacuum system.

Great to have a central vac in-house again. After having Beam units in the last two houses, and having gone to a Shark for this latest house, we understood why we like central units better. The only reason this unit is getting four stars rather than 5 is the dirt canister seal and mounting method. Beam has a more user-friendly way to clear waste. As far as components are concerned, the power head of this unit IMO is better than others I have used; it contains indicator lights that let you know if you're overloading the brush by setting too low or wrap something with it. Accessory kit and garage package seem to include all attachments you could need and the telescopic wand for powerhead are helpful for users of different heights. With vaulted ceilings, my 5-foot tall wifey can add the wand sections and reach ceiling fan blades even 11 feet up for dusting. Ordered the Honeywell installation pack for piping and had this up and running a couple of hours after receiving it.


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