Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite plus Corded Bagless Upright M084650

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite plus Corded Bagless Upright M084650

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite plus Corded Bagless Upright M084650 machine is fantastic! It's powerful and picks up EVERYTHING in its path. There are no longer ANY cat hairs on my floor, or dust, or powder in the carpets from the previous tenant - which the stick was pulling up, just not quickly enough for my allergies.

I also vacuum my couch and chairs with the central vacuum part, using the roller, and then again with the attached brush if I feel like I need to. I love it. Now, I can lie on my floors without worrying about walking around with a hair shirt all day.

Cleaning out the vacuumed contents couldn't be easier. It contained in the front tube-shaped compartment, which releases with a push of a button. NO DUST flies out when you do this, either! Big plus! I bring it outside to dump in the trash can. Then, per instructions, I turn the filter to release it and tap the screen against a wood post until all the dust flies away.

Because of my allergies, I wear a bandana around my nose when I do this, but as long as I'm cautious, I can position myself so that the dust doesn't fly back on me. I have also tossed the filter gently on the grass a few times to release the dirt in it. The screen is made well and sturdy enough to do this without any worry of damaging it.

What else the attachments are great. The extension hose could be longer, as others have mentioned, but it is OK for me. Besides, I appreciate DD's well-made design. Everything is compact and neat, with no extra bulk or hanging stuff to get caught up on something when putting it away.

The one extension tubes and the crevice tool are designed to fit into each other, which is also a well-made design that I appreciate. The brush attachment fits into its slot on the opposite side of the back of the vac. The accessories do NOT fall off, either, while you're using the machine. I love the design, so I can't say enough about that.

One more thing is that the handle for the vac is also retractable so that you can push it into the body of the machine and carry the vac around with its built-in handle. I do this when I'm going to put it away in the stairwell. It's wholly compact and self-contained. And, I love it.

The weight is light. I think the manual says that it's around 7 pounds. So, I have been able to hold up the machine by its handle while I vacuum the ceiling fan and above picture frames with the crevice tool. I LOVE to watch the dirt and hair be picked up and start to swirl around in the dust container! I feel like its working when I see that. Well, it's no longer a feeling because it's direct proof that it's working!

Another thing to mention is that the vacuum cleaner picks up from every type of surface. It vacuums up my kitchen linoleum, and hardwood floors, as well as the carpet. I don't have to sleep separately.

Anyway, I am glad that I bought the machine. It has been helpful for my allergies, I believe. I no longer have hair all over my apartment like I used to complain about - for years, I've complained about this. It feels nice and clean in here, almost sterile actually. I wish I'd have gotten it sooner.


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