Dyson Big Ball Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Big Ball Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson big ball multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner has the STRONGEST suction of any vacuum cleaner. It pulled excellent heavy grit-like stuff out of my rugs that nothing else could have gotten out. It's so strong that when using it, it lifts room-size carpet off the floor a bit.

Pulling the trigger of this vacuum-cleaner on the handle is a must on those occasions, as pulling the trigger cuts the suction at the cleaner head and allows you to keep moving. The rotating brushes work well too, and yet seem relatively soft, so I don't fear damage to the rugs or floor. I rate suction power the most critical feature of a vacuum cleaner.

I feel and know from experience, that a powerful suction keeps my house a lot cleaner with much less dust in the long run. I enjoy using this. It follows me around quickly and is easier to use than the upright. Its cord is not as long as the honest, but it automatically retracts perfectly, and I will take that over a length of wire when I had to bend over and laboriously wrap the fence on the handle of the upright when finished. With this model, you push a button, and zip, the cable is back inside the thing. It is incredible to think that they pack so much power into something so relatively small and light. I love it.

With this vacuum, I can now vacuum underneath couches, beds, chairs, tables, etc. without moving them. It is a game changer. Also, the rotating brush seems to get a lot closer to walls than an upright and can fit into tight spaces since it has a smaller footprint. It is especially useful for doormats that tend to shed most of what they catch through the rug over time. With 21 feet length, it seems accurate. However, another thing you don't think of it all you have owned is upright vacuums is the hose on the canister vacuum adds another 5 feet.

Making a huge difference in our household, we can use the vacuum cleaner downstairs with one plugin and with one cap in the upstairs. Also didn't see the warranty listed, this product comes with five-year parts and labour warranty, so that offers peace of mind when spending this much money.

The turbine tool is essentially magic: you can see clearly from the nozzle inlet to the brush, which means no turbine blades to clog with objects or hair. It works as well and as efficiently as our original, but with some improvements. Handling, emptying is improved. It comes with an adapter so we can use the add-on floor brush from the original. The tools attach more efficiently.

Overall an improvement on an already impressive vacuum cleaner. The rotating bristles gently scrub stuck on dust from hardwood floors and help to loosen pet hair from carpets.

The suction power is intense. When vacuuming low pile area rugs, the suction is so powerful that I had to open the suction valve to release all the way to get it across the carpet. It's quite the workout! As cynical as this sounds, it still does a great job.

The amount of dust and debris that the Dyson pulled out of my area rugs is incredible. I also like being able to see what I'm vacuuming up through the clear canister. The cyclone of dog fur in the cartridge is pretty cool to watch. This vacuum works great on wood floors and walls, corners of rooms.

You can drag the canister ball around or carry it. Very sucky on rugs, so I only vacuum in one direction while standing on the tip. It cleans carpets very well. On my looser woven rigs or the ones with a medium pile, I use the release button. I am happy with this vacuum.


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