Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


​Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless stick-vac cleaner is worth the higher cost if one can afford it. It is a bit painful for someone to spend that much on a vacuum cleaner, but it is incredible as one does not need to have to work with a cord and there is no need to do recharge again and again for a significant amount of cleaning as it has a long enough battery life.

Please make sure you don't leave it on the maximum setting to get longer battery life. The included wall mount is fantastic, mount it to the wall close to an outlet, and you plug it in there and let it hang on the wall to charge. The wall mount includes two clips to attach some of the smaller attachments. This V8 vacuum is so easy to get, use, empty and put away. It makes cleaning interesting.

The vac- cleaner is super light but sturdy. It will take one few days to get used to the fact that it felt the light duty. This machine can even pick up stuff. Dirt, Wood chips, dog hair, you name it picks it up. I am impressed with the dry process and the seal around the filter that scrapes off the super-fine dust. Versatility is excellent as well.

I grab the V8 over our superb portable hand vacuum that we have had for a few years for the fact that how easy this is to use and how light it is. We tend to run it on max power. After all, why leave something behind. So far after a month of use, we have not run out of control in the middle of vacuuming.

Yes, this is a pricey vacuum but I like vacuuming now, and that is worth the extra few dollars. And not dragging around a cord all the time, while that is priceless.

If you don't mind shedding the extra money then you can't go wrong with this vacuum, Dyson raises the bar when it comes to Vacuum cleaners. Space is approx. 6 pounds in hand and cordless, with a charge up to 40 minutes on average and 7 minutes on max.

Average power is all that you need, I have tried max, and it seemed unnecessary because I did not have any spots uncleaned by the average power anyway. The vacuum comes with six attachments, 2 of which are the main ones I use: the soft roller and the carpet roller; and the other 4 are mini accessories great for cleaning the car or other things.

The dustbin is easy to empty and was improved based on the feedback received on the V6, on the V6 only the hatch on the bottom opened, and the cyclone body did not move, but only the V8 the cyclone body has to go upwards for it to open, freeing trapped dust.

The docking station is convenient; it is a useful storage tool, One can pull the vacuum out when they need it and put it back on when the work is over. It is a perfect vacuum for an older person - lightweight, easy to "dump the residue" and the charge can outlast my energy reserve. About the time I run out of charge, I have vacuumed a couple of rooms, and I need a rest.

The young folks in my home love this vacuum, too. Great suction. Fantastic for detailing a car. One can never buy another brand/style of the vacuum cleaner. I have mostly tile and wood floors - tiny carpet - but, it seems to work well on carpet. I no longer get tired just getting the vacuum out to start vacuuming.


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