Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultraflex Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultraflex Canister Vacuum Cleaner is way better than expected. The Electrolux gets under furniture so quickly, and the foot peddles adjuster switches from bare floor to our area mats, to the carpet in the bedrooms with just a foot tap.

But what can blow anyone away was how well the vacuum works. The Electrolux vac can handle a very thick, extended furry area carpet and pulls up golden retriever hair as well and dirt too. The Electrolux nearly filled a canister of dog fur and dirt. We are clean freaks - that was gross but so cool. I will never cheap out again. Worth every penny.

This Electrolux Ultra flex is supper. They thought of EVERYTHING while designing it. The suction is super-strong and adjustable, and it is the primary purpose of a vacuum cleaner. The 33-foot power cable pulls in at the push of a button. The dirt cup of the filter is large and easy to empty. Just too many great features to mention. And the main thing is it is quiet. It weighs less, but it is powerful.

I was amazed when I used it for the first time on the mats. It has excellent suction; The light weight of the machine makes it very easy to handle. I can even manage it while cleaning the stairs well. The dust cup is a little, but it is straightforward to remove and dump out. I have to dump it twice while doing the first floor no big deal. I bought it because of the excellent reputation that Electrolux has, and I am happy that I did. I have Basset Hounds that shed quite a lot. This vacuum cleans up the hair very neatly, and it does not clog at all. I am delighted with it.

The wheels roll smoothly with no perceivable friction (compared to the inertia of the unit itself), same for the small directional wheel in the centre that provides direction change and manoeuvrability. The flexible pipe and the hard telescopic part of it are VERY light, much lighter than in Dyson. When the handle extended fully, the handle is at the right height and vacuuming can be done in perfect straight position, the way you usually walk causing no back pains problems.

Twisting the handle manoeuvre the dirt scooping intake attachment haven't tried the powered sweeper since I don't have carpets. The scrubbing action of the rotating brushes attached to the vac helps in cleaning the panel and tile floors.

With the standard smooth floor attachment connected to the vac, there's a dirt barrier along the rear end, which means the air is sucked only from the front of the enclosure. This shocking simple trick doubles the suction force at any power setting compared to an accessory that sucks the air from all directions. Just scoop the dirt by pushing forward not by dragging backwards, this will only shuffle the dust, or lift the extension from the floor by a fraction of an inch.

And the best part is the variable power knob. There are some intelligent power electronics in this vac that's responsible for both starting the motor and power control which does its job by preventing power spikes that sometimes knock off the house circuit breakers. I can't be sure, but it's possible that the vac uses a brushless motor (it's hushed). It is my first vac with power regulation. I vacuumed the entire home at the lowest setting.

There was not a single speck of dirt it couldn't pick up (despite honest efforts of my two cats spewing their food all over the floor). I suppose on a level which was smooth enough only you will have to switch gears only when scooping weighty things, like nails, screws, ball bearings. Higher power setting will, however, I'm sure, become genuinely indispensable for carpets, especially for particulates that embed themselves in the carpet or things that entangle themselves with carpet fibres like, say, needles from an Xmas tree.
It is an AMAZING Vacuum.


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