HOOVER T-Series WindTunnel Upright Vacuum UH70120

HOOVER T-Series WindTunnel Upright Vacuum UH70120

This Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner cleaned my rugs like they haven't been clean in years. The amount of gunk that the machine picked up was embarrassing. And overnight my house smelled better. And my rugs were brighter. And they were cushier. Really - it lifted the pile. I am pleased.

There are two filters on the machine. One screen on the top is washable and another one in the front which is a HEPA filter which is NOT washable. This vacuum cleaner has a sensor onboard above the dirt bin. It will turn red when it is time to clean the washable filter.

I like how you can quickly change or fix anything if there is a problem. If a belt breaks the bottom opens up by sliding a bar thus turning a lever which is red, and the bottom comes right off. You could also clean one area regularly because it is easy and fun to do.

The WindTunnel unit of the cleaner is easily removed by turning the top counterclockwise, and it pops off. One can then clean the inside of the bin and wipe off the WindTunnel unit.

One nice feature of this vac-cleaner is rewindable wire. It pulls it out to the red label then there is a pedal which will self-wind up your cable.

One can see the dirt and know the machine is cleaning your house well. Are there better vacuums in a market, yes I am sure there is - but for the price and features, I think anyone will love this vac. If you still have some questions, there are a lot of videos under the Hoover website that may answer some of your questions.

Emptying the dust bin is easy but like any bagless vacuum cleaner one need to be to be careful, or one will get a big dust cloud if you let the bottom open and drop to quickly. I like that fact all the attachment is on board with the vacuum, and you don't have to go and search for it. The pipe detaches easily from the unit so you can sweep and clean high places or drapesPicks up so much hidden dirt in our thick carpet, it scared us the first time we looked in the canister!

This vac is very quiet. It turns on a dime and gets into nooks and crannies well. One doesn't have to use the hand tools on every single wall edge. The attachment of the vac cleaner with moving brushes cleans stairs amazingly. We don't need to buy filters or bags.

The cord attached is long, and it retracts into the vacuum. Having this cord self-retract is fun. So I'm easily amused! The colour is trendy. It is relatively lightweight. I like the fact that one can adjust the height for different mat lengths. I know that this isn't a unique feature, but not all vacuums have it, and it makes a big difference.

Overall this is an excellent vacuum cleaner at such a price tag. You should buy this vac if this is within your price range.


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