iILIFE V5s Robot vacuum cleaner


iILIFE V5s Robot vacuum cleaner

I've been using this guy for three months now and am very happy with him.

I live on the dry side of a tropical island. So the doors are open 24/7 to catch the trade winds, and that wind brings a lot of dust, and dirt with it, I also have a shedding black dog and white tile throughout the house. So vacuuming takes a lot of time. I had my first robotic vacuums two years ago and wasn't pleased, They've come a long way in tech advances, so I decided to try again.

Here are the pros:

1) Brownie runs well over 2 hours. I have a weird floor plan, so it takes him a while to hit all the spots. But, so far, he's never run out of juice before he's finished.

2) He damp mops! You can get better results with a hand-held wet mop because you can apply more pressure. But with all the fine dust we get, the little microfiber damp mop is excellent for in between real scrubs.

3) He rarely gets stuck. I have a few pieces of furniture where he gets caught in between the legs. But not every time. He has excellent traction and can usually get out of tight spaces.

4) He does well with throw rugs, as long as there's no fringe. Every once in a while, if a carpet is curled up at the corner, he gets caught. But he usually crawls over it. I did accidentally leave a fringed rug down one day, and his side sweeper and the rug fringe did devour each other.

5). The low profile gets under nearly all of my legged furniture.

6). He has a max vacuum setting.

But it's pretty powerful for such a small machine. It also has edge and spot clean settings that come in handy,

7) He has the good sense to stop and ask for help if he gets into trouble. He beeps a few times, then gives up to save his charge.

The cons:

1) The dustbin is small. If you have a lot of dust and dog hair, you will have to empty it during the vacuuming process, sometimes more than once.

2). He doesn't memorize my floor plan, like some other higher priced vacuums. (But he does manage to cover the entire floor, eventually, so that's OK with me.)

3) He pushes much smaller items a little too hard when he can't detect the obstacle. I learned the hard way to pick up the dog's water bowl before setting him loose.

4) He can't quite reach the corners because his side sweepers aren't quite long enough. But I didn't expect him to.

5) Not a con, but a warning. Cords are his nemesis. Make sure they are all out of the way.

In summary, Brownie doesn't take the place of a regular vacuum or mop. But he's great for keeping my floors respectable until I'm ready to scrub them. Although there's a timer, so he can operate when you aren't there, I do recommend that you be on hand when he's running, getting him past the rough spots. He's not top of the line and doesn't have all the bells and whistles other models have, but he did well with the basics and was an excellent buy for the price.


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