Imperium CV300 Vacuum Cleaner

Imperium CV300

Imperium CV300 is a fantastic central vacuum power unit. Half the size of my previous Beam section but twice the suction power with far less sound. It surprises me every time I utilize it. The best part is that it took all of 25 minutes to install. If you are in confusion between deciding on this unit or another brand, you won't be upset but most likely will be blown away by its value if you purchase the CV300. My old Central Vacuum quit, and my husband found this one with all its great reviews. I am so happy he did. This Vacuum walks rings around my old brand named one. Excellent suction, very simple to install and sucks 5X better than any other one I have used.

I highly recommend this vacuum. I purchase Impeerium CV300 to replace a Vintage Nutone 350. Looking at the price or specs, I'd been planning on buying one of these when my NuTone vacuum unit stops working well. Finally, it did. The Imperium CV300 vacuum has more power and makes less sound than the unit it replaced and rest of the other vacuum units. It is easy to change the bags as well. Design wise, most of the cost is in the motor.

This unit is all about the engine, and the rest made from pure sheet metal. It assembles well, but you can see they are shooting for max power without extra costs. The additional valve to put near the unit is a nice addition. Good job CVS. The group has been great. One of the guys on site had installed the internal filter incorrectly, leading to it being load and the motor failing. I had forgotten about this review. The unit has been great Great power for a small group, and very quiet CV300 has 740 air watts with a 5.7" motor, ten yr warranty. It comes with wallplate but no hose, power head or PVC pipe for connection to the existing setup.

However, it has very powerful suction within our 3200 sqft home and is much quieter than our original. The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum power engine is one of the very best values in paper bagged central vacuum units on the market. With a quality powder coated finish, this is a power unit that will resist rust and corrosion for years and years. The CV300 Vacuum is an all steel central vacuum power unit made of good quality steel. Galvannealed steel prepared by combining the process of galvanization and annealing. This process produces an excellent matte finish that acts like a primer, readily adheres to paint, and is very rust proof. With 740 AirWatts, the Imperium CV300 vacuum is powerful enough for homes up to 6000 square feet.

Imperium central vacuum units created by a company with over 50 years of first vacuum manufacturing experience, and they are made right here in the USA. The sturdy, flow-through motor manufactured by Ametek-Lamb, the folks that have been putting engines in the very best central vacuum units for years. No central vacuum power system on the market today can give you this kind of performance and value for your money. Ideal for homes as big as 7500 square feetWhatever your home layout, whether multi-level, two-story or ranch, a Central Cleaning System can be planned to meet your needs.


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