Roomba vacuum cleaner

Roomba vacuum cleaner:

Roomba vacuum cleaner is a great automated cleaner robot which can be very useful in all cleaning aspects.

I mostly bought the many series, which it is the best version. I have a Jack terrier which seems to shed non-stop, so there are little white hairs everywhere. The Roomba picks up the dust like it is.


This vacuum goes around in its random little pattern and does a great job in picking up all the hair, dust and dirt bits on our first floor which is roughly 1000 square feet. It also negotiates furniture to include a kitchen island and dining table. It mostly picks up around 98% of the dirt, dust, and hair that is on the floor. It gets under our baseboard heating with its outside sweeper and does a great job. And With that being said, the majority of the area that it cleans is hardwood floors, with the occasion area rug. We have carpet upstairs, but we don’t use it on that so I can’t comment too much on how it does on almost large carpeted areas.

After each run, it backs itself up into its docking station and recharges itself for the next race. I can also use the timer and do it at night, but I mostly enjoy watching it go around.

Yes, It makes noise. But it's not loud. I want to compare it with a little 9v lithium battery hand drill that I have. It makes a sound, but you could watch tv as it travels by you with maybe one increase in the volume button.


You need to think about it. We have to pick up our dining room chairs and the kitchen island bar stool and put them on the table so it can go around the table and kitchen island. If you have the chairs there, it might not be able to get under the table since it will bounce around on the chair legs and have a hard time negotiating the table and chair legs. I also have to block an opening that is alongside my recliner because this cleaner will also go behind it and get kind of stuck back there for 1 minutes or so try to get out. It did get out, but I feel it is wasting time back there so I put some of my son's toys in the way so it can’t get back there. I mostly have to pick up the floor for anything that would typically get caught up in a regular vacuum. Cords, shoes (and shoelaces) and other items that it will get wrapped up.

It is a vacuum cleaner, and it has the negatives of any large vacuum cleaner, and the only main difference is that you aren’t there to get it back over the areas that it might have missed. The 2% that we feel it doesn’t pick up because it lost its corner is usually in a transition area where it lifts up. If I have a bit of dirt along the edge of an area rug, it will often miss it because it is lifting up in the front to go over the carpet.


If you take 2 minutes to pick up your portion and plan for your Vacuum Roomba, your Cleaner will make quick work of the dirt in the house. For the 2% that it misses, I grab a broom and a dustpan and sweep it up in 30 seconds. It is much quicker to catch that little 2% than to sweep the entire downstairs or do it all by hand with our other vacuum.

Overall, I love the Roomba. It’s fun to watch, great to help out around the house to clean for us and saves me time so we can have one most less thing to do when it comes to cleaning up the home.

If we follow the simple directions that come with this cleaner, you won’t have an issue. It cleans and saves you time.

Many people have said:

People have said its too entirely loud sound well it's not. It makes noise, but it is a machine, and it’s a vacuum. The music it makes is much beautiful than others.

As many said they didn’t like picking up their dining room chairs – well you don't need to. We have to move them to do that anyway. Help your vacuum out. Don’t be mad at it because you don’t want to help your Roomba succeed.

Others said that they have to pick up a vacuum cleaner and put it manually back on the charging station you didn’t follow the directions that state has the charging station is also an open area so the IR signal can be seen by your Roomba to return. They will even have a photo in the instruction manual that shows where to put the charging station so the Roomba can find it. Follow the directions.

If you have a pile of dust and some of it is a dirt's fine powder on the floor it doesn’t get it all Neither will a giant vacuum. It won’t clean up mud either. It’s a vacuum, not a mop. It can’t get everything.

It only does two three-room then it has to recharge I have an open concept Colonial that is around 800 square feet in the downstairs. It does the entire basement. If it can only do one small area before it has to recharge, you didn’t follow the directions, which states to let it charge overnight before its first use or the battery might not work correctly.

Their expensive – Yup, so is an excellent vacuum, like a Dyson, a cleaner that works, And it is a robot. Good filter and robots are not free.

It doesn’t get the grit in the cracks and seems in the floors – First off, why do you have cracks in your decks? Secondly, in the small natural divots that are formed between the hardwood floor planks, it picks up dirt just fine.

  • September 18, 2018

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