Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic MC-UG471 highly recommended for your home. The suction hose is soft, supple, long and flexible enough. Ingenious built-in safeguards like auto clog bypass and full bag protection, thermal overload protection.

It's hard to find an upright with simple, basic features like a retractable cord and disposable bag. It does floors and carpet with no knobs or attachments. Compelling, solidly built simplistic design (the suction goes to both the power head and hose concurrently, so there is no switch to break), decent attachments, the self-spinning brush is surprisingly good for light jobs, very inexpensive for what it does.

Bags are super cheap AND Hepa !!, The cord reel works better than I thought it would switch on canister prevents accidental shutoff.

The vacuum cleaner attachments are great and of high quality. The storage of the vacuum as well is excellent. One of the most delicate details about this vacuum cleaner is the no mess bag operation. It is not even noisy.

Most of the bagless vacs have been more massive and more complicated, this vac is the greatest. This product of Panasonic vacuum is easily worth double of what Amazon sells it. And we spent hundreds over time on vacs that last just a few days beyond their warranty.

I hope that when this vac quits in about a decade, they'll be another Panasonic to take its place in our household. I recommend, 100 per cent, this vacuum. To assemble The Panasonic, it only took a min or two. To attach the handle one screw is needed, then connect the hose.

The bag is pre-installed, and the Accessories fit neatly on the vac. When I turned it on and dropped it into the vacuuming position, I was amazed at how quiet it was. I am replacing a two-year-old Hoover bagless model. It's a good vacuum cleaner, but I'm just tired of dealing with the Mess of emptying the dirt cup.

The Panasonic is more potent than the hoover as well. I estimate it's at least 50% more potent regarding suction. Regarding noise, I measured it with a DB meter, and it's 50% quieter than the Hoover. It's the quietest vacuum cleaner I've ever used, and you can hold a normal level conversation while using it.

It was about the only bagged vacuum cleaner I could find that had a retractable cord. Another reviewer said you had to pull the cable out all the way. That is not true. You can pull it out a few feet, press to retract button and it goes back in.

I'm pretty sure Panasonic has been refining this particular vacuum since it came out several years ago. One nice touch is a place to attach the cord to the handle, so it stays out-of-the-way when vacuuming. This vac is about 3 pounds heavier than the hoover but I attribute that to a better motor plus it has a broader vacuuming head which should make vacuuming go faster.

Time will tell regarding durability, but I saw very few complaints about breakdowns in the reviews. Replacement bags and belts are easy to get on Amazon. I compared the difference between the originals that came with the vacuum cleaner and the replacements I bought, and I saw very little difference. I even put a replacement bag in the Panasonic, and I saw no loss of suction power.

It has the same attachments as the hoover does But because of its power, the Panasonic "air turbine" (a small vacuum powered rotating brush) works. The Hoover version Would stop spinning if you applied any pressure to whatever material you were vacuuming. The Hoover is still a good vacuum cleaner. However, if you want a powerful and quiet *bagged* vacuum cleaner, I don't think you're going to do better than the Panasonic, especially at its current price point.


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