Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV360

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV360

​Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV360 is a most excellent little machine in many years. Overall satisfying to see how much this Shark picks up. The suction on this is fantastic which has got to be the most important The suction on this is terrific.

That has to be the most critical attribute on any vacuum. We want it to pick up dirt. Well, this machine picks up what you see, and then gets to work on what you cannot see. It's great. And even though the suction is excellent, it's not so powerful that you cannot pull it away from whatever you're vacuuming. It designed correctly.

Swivel is a lovely feature. It works fine, no issues. Attachments are handy. Brush and small accessories stay with the vacuum when not in use. They remain on their posts. No signs of cracking. The sound is not very loud at all. This Shark noise is at a much lower, tolerable decibel. It is quiet. Removable canister - I love this! I can walk around carrying it. It's not very heavy. Vacuuming the stairs becomes much more comfortable with this vac cleaner.

Easy-to-clean debris container. Both top and bottom of the vacuum open up to remove waste. OneCan washes it out, as well as the filters. Be sure to dry screws or other metal parts immediately. But most of it can air dry. It is overall lightweight to handle. Kids over the age of 9 should have no problem managing it. As well, any adult who is weaker should have few or no issues.

Lightweight easy to assemble I didn't even read the instructions, and it cleans the suction power lifts up so much that isn't also visible with your eyes. You can quickly fill up the dust container within a few minutes over a carpet you first THOUGHT was clean and you will see the difference and feel it, my carpet feels softer now they excite real.

The amount of dirt this Shark vacuum cleaner pulls up is fantastic. One can clean an entire normal size house without having to dump the canister until you complete your cleaning and sweeping. The vacuum head is of little small scale, but the capacity is so light that it is a nice to compromise.

I like the narrow profile and swivel for getting around furniture. It works well on our hardwood floors as well as our carpet. I have three very minor complaints about this design. Debris tends to get caught along the left side of the canister, which takes away from what's otherwise a super easy process to clean it out. You can't detach the hose from the base without fully unwinding the cord. It's relatively top-heavy, so my toddler can push it over easily if he can get to it. Overall a great vacuum.


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