Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner

​Shark Navigator NV356E vac-cleaner is surprisingly a fantastic vacuum. The time it arrived, and once you vacuumed your entire house The lines, it left on the carpet was terrific. The suction is incredible. It lifts the carpet and makes it fluffy and soft again. It picked up what my old vacuum couldn't. I honestly didn't even know how dirty my carpet was. Not to mention I have two cats. Cat hair is covering my house. Not anymore it's not!!

It's lightweight. It is used to clean many kinds of stuff like hardwood, carpets, floor rugs, stairs. It's so easy to use different attachments as well. My hardwood floors are shiny because of the Microsoft cloths. The vacuum continued to impress with how it pulls up dirt and dust from my carpets like none of my previous vac-cleaners ever did.

With the included attachment I even use it to sweep my tile flooring, and there is no need to spend nearly as much money on those Swiffer wipes. While I wish it had more accessories than what it comes with, they're not too pricey to get if you need them. This is a workhorse, take care of it by regularly cleaning the filters, and I'm sure it'll last a very long time.

The whole machine is easy to assemble and has vacuums carpeting, great suction, and canister detaches from upright frame to vacuum cleaner ceilings tops of furniture, cupboards, ceiling fans, which few vacuums with this price can afford, and it also comes with very efficient tools. Comes with a 5-year warranty period, so additional insurance probably isn't needed, and of course, Amazon pretty much guarantees everything for 30 days, so if delivered not working right or damaged, so replacing is always an option.

The Shark seems superior to me in almost every way than my old Dyson was when it was new. But things change, and maybe that’s expected. The suction of this vacuum is unreal. Everything comes up, it’s easy-to-use and lightweight, (a little top-heavy), the waste canister is clipped so it cannot spill accidentally (a common problem with my old Dyson if you didn’t hold the bottom when walking to the waste bin with the detached canister in hand), it has more attachments (and they’re all very functional), and it’s also much quieter.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased. A couple of old shag rugs look brand new because they aren’t crushed down anymore. On a side note, I am also fond of the fact that the canister of the vacuum cleaner comes off and helps to vacuum the stairs with it quickly. The cord is long enough to do all 16 of my stairs and then some. Shark has convinced me that they make a darn good product, and I would not hesitate to buy this or another product in the future.

It is so light. I can easily carry it up and down the stairs with one hand. The vacuum has a great deal of power; it feels like the is powered push mower as it seems to pull itself along. I love the fact the filters never need replacing that you can rinse them out and throw them back in. And the swivel on the head is excellent for making tight turns around furniture. I recommended this to everyone, and now my Dyson loving mother owns a Shark.


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