Shark Ninja ION 750 Robot vacuum cleaner

Shark ION 750 Robot vacuum cleaner

It is an honest review as I had purchased and used this product to its fullest.

I have a dog who blows his coat twice a year (aka sheds all day, every day all day). It's like the wild west with tumbleweeds just floating across my carpet and hardwood floors.

I had been looking for buying a robot vacuum cleaner for a while to help with managing to vacuum in between vacuuming with my shark upright duo clean. I was looking at Roombas for a very long time but was hesitant as the price was so high and the lesser models I thought were not going to do an excellent job, so I was looking to spend almost 1000 dollars for this model and almost pulled the trigger. Then I came across this shark ion robot vacuum by chance when it came out a month, or so ago I believed. I waited to see the reviews of it and then went ahead and then purchased it, and I am glad I did! It has been well worth the 450 dollars I paid. We can’t say I’ve ever owned a misconception, but my parents have and comparing their experience and the experience as I have read through several reviews I believe that this vacuum cleaner meets up to the almost equal standards at a reasonable price.

It does a beautiful job of picking up the dog hair; I was surprised at how much it picks up. Almost as much as my Shark upright. It also doesn’t an excellent job of picking up the found debris such as dust, and sand. Also does a great job on larger dust particles such as dog food, leaves, grass, and other things that get tracked in from the bottom of shoes and slippers. I have used my other vacuum directly after a robot cleaning to see how much more I would get up and honestly I was surprised that it was minimal hair and particles and I mainly thought it is because the vacuum cleaner can’t get into every, nook, cranny, and tight corner sides.
I have used this application and also its scheduled timer, and so far it works great. I like that you can start it and stop it away from home. I also love that you also get alerts on precisely what is going on and what is wrong with the robot vacuum when it’s not working. The only problem I’ve had is that it was getting stuck under a shelf and I quickly fixed this problem with the magnetic tape that came with this product. It bumps into the magnetic tape and keeps on doing its job. I like that it has a low clearance though so it can go under my bed, table and other pieces of furniture that have a higher clearance where a lot of dust and hair or not reachable with an upright vacuum. I do pick up the dogs toys and chewy to make sure it does not get stuck with them or on them.

This robot cleaner does take a while to find it’s charger when running out of battery but it is just an electronic robot and it makes sure it holds enough power so it can do so. I’m pretty happy with the battery life. I live in a one bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a walk-in closet, decent size kitchen and living room/dining room area. It is approximately +1000 ft.² and can clean all of it in one charge.
Overall, I am pleased with my robot vacuum cleaner.

I would recommend this to every family or friends and also to you who are reading this. I want to finish this review by stating that it will not replace your upright vacuum but is a beautiful tool for maintenance vacuuming especially for someone with OCD like myself. I will try to update and improve this review if I have any problems in the future. Thank you, Shark for another well-made product at a reasonable price!


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