Shark Ninja RV720 Robot cleaner

Shark Ninja RV 720 Robot vacuum cleaner

Shark ION Robot Dual-Action Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum walked me through an intense cleaning of the unit. It is now functioning as usual again. Therefore my reading has gone back up to a full star re please read the 1st review. Shark has excellent customer service by the way.

To see what all the hype is about on these robot vacuums. I have spent months reading reviews, and this one was in the middle range for price and seemed comparable, by the report, to the Roomba.

So first, I noticed that the unit is more significant than I was expecting, but not too big. When learning about the bot, I saw the dustbin is relatively small. I have two medium/large dogs. One is a husky, mega shedder. I did not vacuum for a couple of days while waiting for this to arrive so I could see it's power. And I am blown away at what this picks up. It picked up hair and dust and even the cotton fluff from the destroyed dog toy. It was only a few pieces, but after it flattens the parts out a couple of times, it sucked them right up. This unit also comes with an extra filter and to other side brushes.

The manual is straightforward to follow, as well. Making it is straightforward to set up, but I have not tried to schedule a timed clean yet. Before starting the vacuum, it does suggest picking up to help prevent the this from getting stuck or distracted.

As it started, it moved around the floor with no particular pattern. I would like if it had a better mapping system to ensure the entire story was cleaned, but I foresee it still completing the job of everyday pick up that I do not want to do by hand. I think if you put up barriers temporarily it can help with cleaning of smaller areas within an open concept floor. But I did put one down, and it was straightforward to install.

Also, I like how it navigates furniture. It does not bump into anything hard. It also transitions very well from my vinyl plank flooring to my large and small area rugs. This unit is also very quiet, sounds like white noise. Definitely could run it while watching Tv or holding a conversation.

Overall, I am so far, very impressed and I am now waiting for it to charge so I can let it go around as it pleases. I am not sure I will use the schedule clean until my dogs get used to the device. I don't want them to destroy my new toy lol. I hope to remember to put in an update, but as of now, I suggest this item.

However now the vacuum will be out for about 2 minutes and then will go in circles and beep to make sure that carriage is not full, it's not so I turn it back on, and it'll go for about two more minutes then stop and go in circles and beep. Also, it is running into everything now like the sensor has given out.

So I sat and watched the unit ION work, and it does not have an exact pattern for vacuuming, but it does take similar pathways. However, it doesn't cover the same place over and over. It seems to shift spots. It does seem to cover the entire area for over an hour. This is over about a 600 square foot area.


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