Ultra Clean Sc200 Vacuum Cleaner

Ultra Clean Sc200

Central Vacuum Power System Vacuum rated for homes up to 7,500 sq. Ft. Install inside the Home or Garage. It is a top quality power unit available at an exceptional price. This vacuum unit made in Canada with AMETEK LAMB MOTOR.

It contains a superior filtration system using hybrid technology allows options for collection in Filtration bag or the heavy metal collection pail, micro-fiber patented permanent filter for enhanced motor reliability is a standard feature for 2017 models. Disposable Paper and HEPA filter bags available. Mounting Bracket is also open.

Performance: 550 Air Watts, Suction Power: 125-inch water lift, Air Flow: 121 CFM, Max. Current: 13.8 Amp, Operating Voltage: ~120v. The shown exhaust pipe with the muffler on end can be extended outside with no problem and suggested anyway. We do carry the VacPan in white, almond, black and silver colors. We also take the rough-in kit for the VacPans if required. Please contact Seller 360 Vision directly for more information. This unit has 550 Air Watts is measured at the end of the hose where you are vacuuming. Most power units offered on Amazon give you the air watts on the unit itself where the value is higher which is often misleading.

Ultra Clean is a potent unit. The vacuum unit is a hybrid unit and used with bags or bagless. One bag to the group. There is no wiring covering in this package. We have the same hose available in 35, 40 and 50ft lengths. Just touch the Seller 360 Vision directly via email for more details on how to exchange the tube in his package to the desired length. This particular package is an air-driven one, not electric. It is a Brand New Ultra Clean all-steel vacuum power Unit manufacture in North America.

The entire unit is Powder Coated inside and out and guaranteed for life against corrosion perforation. The power rated for homes up to 7,500 square foot. Hybrid System -can be used with disposable bags (recommended) or without. Disposable Paper and HEPA filter bags available. Powerful Ametek Lamb 2-stage tangential discharge blower motor with 520 air-watts performance. Ametek Lamb of USA is recognized to be the best and most popular central vacuum supplier in the world. The unit exhaust system can easily be a vent to the outside. Standard 6 foot Supply Cord with three-pronged North American plugs along with Mounting Bracket.

The hose and accessories are air-driven, not electric (electronic packages are also available online and offered under separate listings). The hose is 30ft long,l ow-Voltage connection to turn ON/OFF the Power Unit when you plug in the tube into the Wall Inlet Valves. Turbo Brush is a powerful, air driven turbine powerhead that harnesses the airflow of a central vacuum system for deep and thorough cleaning. It is lightweight and easy to handle, with a low-profile body and high impact bumper guards that makes it ideal for cleaning under furniture. It requires no separate power cords, batteries or additional electricity. Technical Data of the vacuum power unit is as Suction Power: 125 inches of water Air-Flow: 121 CFM Air Watts: 550 Sound Level: 68 dB(a) Motor Size: 5.7-inch Motor Type: Tangential Discharge, Bypass Voltage: 110 - 120 Power: 13.8 Amp.


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