VaccumaId Gv50PRO professIonal

VaccumaId Gv50PRO professIonal

The overall design is probably the most important aspect of anything that needs to be engineered or built. And this unit is well designed overall. When making design choices, you must often figure out what trade-offs are necessary to reach your goals.

A lower price is always possible - but as customers, we scrutinize every minor choice a company makes, and we stick it to them when they get it wrong, don't we? This vac receives high marks for having a simple, practical design that contributes to its excellent performance, low cost, and all-around satisfaction with customers.

What I like the most about this vacuum unit is that they have chosen an excellent motor and core suction unit and spent their budget on that. The group is backed that up with a simple, but a good quality case with a unique coating/finish on it.

The quality of tools and attachments are impressive. An extension wand is a high-quality unit that is strong and has a high-quality chrome or polished finish that holds up over time. On super-high-end central vac systems for your home - which you'll pay at LEAST $3000 for, you generally get aircraft-grade aluminum pipe and fittings.

These are lightweight and durable and look beautiful. The unit comes with the steel or similar metal units to reduce the cost. By far it's stronger than aluminum and works beautifully, but they do weight a bit more.

The GV50 vacuum specs rank top notch among 120V units. Only a 240V vacuum ($$$) will perform better than this unit IMHO. 135+ inches of water (suction) and 125+ CFM of airflow put this unit among the very best vacuums out there, regardless of type or style - or cost. NOTE: I believe my specs were correct as of when I purchased this - the suction now shows 138 in of water, so perhaps there have been small changes in design or specs over time, but it seems pretty consistent regarding the company not changing what you get or lowering their standards. NO NOISY MOTOR! Usually, a powerful vacuum means big and noisy motor. The Garage Vac PRO is so quiet you can hold a conversation with your wife as you impress her with your clean garage. And if that's not enough, the "ratcheting" adjustable floor wand and brush make you wonder why somebody else hasn't figured this out.

So, in summary, I'm giving the Garage Vac PRO all Five Stars and would recommend this to anybody who is serious about keeping the car and or garage tidy clean. If the extra $$$ are a concern, go ahead and spend the money. It is one of the machines you will NOT be tossing out down the road and will serve you right, for many many years. Thank You Lindsay Manufacturing. The mounting kit provided made installation and set-up a breeze.

There is a need to drill into the studs behind the wall or use concrete anchors if applicable. And you will need to mount it within about three feet of an electrical outlet. Putting the bag it was a cinch, so now let's give it a whirl. I hit the switch and WOW . . . I blow away! The power of the suction is incredible, WAY beyond my old canister vac's. Sawdust, old bugs, spider webs, crumbs, and whatever else is lurking on the floor or carpet don't stand a chance. It does not bog down as the bag fills, or lose suction because of the long hose. So far this vacuum unit is excellent. Keeps my garage neat, clean and organized with this vacuum unit.

The attachments all seem of good quality and work well. I bought this primarily because my former shop vacuum screamed with noise and the hose was short, so the vacuum unit had to be right outside the car door, whaling into the car. The group is so much quieter. If I'm vacuuming my car outside, I only hear the sound of the suction at the end of the tube. The suction is not incredible, but it is perfect for cleaning out my car well.

I love using the bristly end to suck the dust off my dashboard. The diameter of the tube is small, which could be both good and bad, but so far it has not been a problem and did add a level of convenience.


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